Stalin slams Delhi University for removal of works by Tamil writers

Chennai: The Delhi University has been criticised for removing feminist literature from its syllabus for the undergraduate course in English.

The University’s decision to remove certain works by two Tamil writers, Sukirtharani and Bama — whose works on Dalit women and their struggles have been celebrated by literary world — has caused uproar among sections of the progressive and intellegenstia in Tamilnadu and rest of India.

Chief Minister M K Stalin has described as “unilateral and unacceptable; the decision of the Delhi University to remove Draupadi, a story by Mahasweta Devi, and the works of Tamil writers Bama and Sukirtharani from its English syllabus.”

“It has been done without bringing the decision to the knowledge of the teachers of the department. It is unilateral and unacceptable,” Stalin said in a statement.


NT Bureau