What is the point of having reservation sans jobs: Rahul

New Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has questioned the government on reservation in jobs and asked what was its use if there were no jobs.

He also hit out at the government on the new farm laws and demanded their withdrawal.”If there is no employment and neither is it going to be in the next few years, then what is the point of having reservation,” he asked in a tweet in Hindi and used the hashtag ‘India On Sale’.

Rahul’s attack came after the government came out with the national asset monetisation pipeline to garner Rs 6 lakh crore in the coming years.

Earlier, Rahul had slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “not fulfilling his promise on employment.”

“PM Modi doesn’t speak a word on employment. 12 crore youth did not get jobs in the last 7 years, as was promised by him,” Rahul said.


NT Bureau