What happened to Rs 23 lakh crore, asks Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Hitting out at the Narendra Modi government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has coined a new acronym for GDP as ‘Gas Diesel Petrol’ and claimed the Centre has earned Rs 23 lakh crore from the hike in fuel price till date.

He suggested that it is imperative for the government to come up with a ‘new economic vision’. “The Prime Minister says the GDP is rising. Then I realised what does he meant by GDP. Gas Diesel Petrol. In 2014, Narendra Modi Ji had said that the prices of petrol and diesel are rising. In 2014, Rs 410 was the price of the cylinder, when the UPA left office. Today it is Rs 885, a rise of 116 per cent. Petrol was Rs 71.5/litre in 2014 and today it’s Rs 101/litre, a rise of 42 per cent. Diesel was priced at Rs 57/litre in 2014, it’s Rs 88/litre today,”1 he said.

He added: “Now my question to the government is, where did they spend this Rs 23 lakh crores? The public should ask the government that where is the money which the Centre is snatching away from them going?”


NT Bureau