India for ‘zero tolerance policy’ against terrorism

T S Tirumurti

New Delhi: The Indian envoy at United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has given out a clear message that the council needs to have a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ towards terrorism.

The envoy, T S Tirumurti was speaking under the subject of ‘maintenance of international peace and security’.

He also asserted that the council needs to take impartial decisions when it comes to peace and security concerns.

“We have seen and continue to witness the distressing consequences of intervention made without allowing for mediation efforts, especially regional mediation efforts. We, therefore, need to draw the right lessons from history and calls for preventive diplomacy should be seen in these contexts,” Tirumurti said during this address.

He highlighted that some of the member nations have, in recent years, made efforts to bring thematic issues to be taken up by the UNSC by projecting them as peace and security issues.


NT Bureau