Situation in Afghan ‘fragile’: India’s UNSC envoy

T S Tirumurti

Geneva: India’s envoy to United Nations T S Tirumurti called for an “inclusive dispensation” in Afghanistan, comments come days after Taliban announced its government in the country.

Taliban, earlier this week, announced a 33-member government, which is being led by Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund and two deputies, Maulavi Abdul Salam Hanafi and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Seventeen of the names which have been announced are on the United Nation’s terror list.

Speaking at the United Nations Security Meeting on Afghanistan, Tirumurti said, unclusive dispensation should represents all sections of Afghan society, highlighting that a broad-based, inclusive and representative formation attained through an inclusive negotiated political settlement would gain greater international acceptability and legitimacy.

The government announced by the Taliban has no representation of women, no representation from the Hazara community, no ethnic minorities and includes 2 members of Haqqani–a known terror group. While the Taliban has been calling the government, acting, not many in the international community buy that.