Online meditation for world peace

Chennai: The fourth annual edition of the Ekam World Peace Festival will be held this year from 17 to 19 September from Ekam Headquarters, Chennai.

The event’s highlight is that over 20 million peace enthusiasts will come together online from more than 100 nations for 3 days in the biggest virtual congregation to shift global human consciousness towards attaining peace.

Ekam World Peace Festival was conceptualised by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji to shift human consciousness away from division and conflict and to help create a mass movement for humanity to return to oneness and peace — a serene place where one is at peace with oneself, with life and with the world at large.

Speaking about the idea of the event, Preethaji and Krishnaji said, ‘Ekam World Peace Festival is a global meditation event that breaks the primitive division-driven mind in millions and awakens the vast human collective to oneness.’


NT Bureau