Shabir is a multi-tasker

Chennai: Shabir is a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter, music producer, performer, and composer who has a lot of hit songs and movies to his credits. He has been part of films including Sagaa, Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja, Dhilluku dhuddu 2, Neeya 2 and Kadaram Kondan (playback singer) .

His upcoming film Sinam starring Arun Vijay is scheduled to be released soon.

Shabir is also an award winning actor who has starred in films and web series in both Singapore and India. Shabir has also completed a Tamil feature film as the protagonist.

His role in a tent-pole series titled This Land is Mine has won him accolades. One of these story arcs concerns Habibullah Khan (played by Shabir) nicknamed The Tiger of Rangoon from the British Indian Army.


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