What’s latest on healthcare front

Chennai: Covid-19 pandemic has paved the way for lot of developments in healthcare sector on a daily basis- from survey results to campaigns to initiatives. Here are some of the latest among them.

Indian diet

A survey has revealed the average daily Indian diet fulfills only up to 70 per cent of nutrition need.

Nine out of 10 Indian healthcare practitioners from urban India believe so, says Supradyn Nutrition Survey.

As high as 73 per cent of doctors and nutritionists agree that deficiencies in the daily diet can be fulfilled by taking a multivitamin – multimineral supplement daily, it added.

First aid first

‘Life ka First Aid’, a multi-channel campaign has been launched by Cipla following the World First Aid Day.

The campaign utilises a multi-pronged strategy to raise awareness of the importance of First Aid. The campaign slogan, ‘Life ka First Aid’ takes a leaf from the Cipladine brand tagline, ‘Skin Ka 1st Aid’ and endeavours to raise awareness on the importance of First Aid among masses.

Experience centre

Omron Healthcare, a leading player in digital blood pressure monitoring domain, is on an expansion spree in the southern region of the country.

Post Hyderabad and Bangalore, Omron has launched its next experience cum service center at Chennai. With this, Omron now has over 66 touch points across India including experience, service and pick-up centers.

Oxygen plant

Narayana Health and DTDC have set up an oxygen generator plant in Jaipur. The plant was inaugurated by DTDC chairman and managing director Subhasish Chakraborty, in the presence of top officials from DTDC and Narayana Health.

The joint -initiative, installed in the Narayana multi-speciality hospital in Jaipur, is geared to help the country fight the ongoing Covid pandemic, a statement said.


NT Bureau