Review : Friendship

It’s been long time since we saw a movie involving a group of boys and a girl that speaks of only friendship and no love.

Here comes Friendship, a movie starring Arjun in an extended cameo. What more there is Bigg Boss fame Losliya Mareesan, former cricketer Harbhajan Singh, comedian Sathish, producer J Sathish Kumar, MS Baskar among others.

Produced by Seantoa Studios & Cinemaass, Friendship is directed by John Paul & Raj. The movie has music by Udhayakumar. Cinematography is by Santha Kumar.C. PS Raj has written the dialogues. Deepak S Dwaraknath handles editing.

It is about a group of friends who come together and study in a college. When a girl in the gang gets killed and raped, her friends gets arrested for the crime they have not committed. Steps in an advocate who fights for justice.

Harbhajan, Losliya, Sathish among others play students in an engineering college. All three did a good act. Losliya is fresh and bubbly. Sathish with his one-liners tries to evoke humour.Arjun with typical style and dialogue delivery adds charm.

Friendship first half in the college works to a large extent, while the second half is more tension-filled with far fewer lighter moments.