Review: Kodiyil Oruvan

Vijay Antony’s Kodiyil Oruvan is a engaging mass political action drama. What begins as an emotional drama of mother sentiment, slowly settles down as racy political drama. Directed by Metro fame Ananda Krishnan, the movie has enough elements to engage audience.

Vijayaraghavan (Vijay Antony) wants to pursue UAS and realise his mom’s dreams. He comes to a slum in North Chennai where ge sees

Vijayaraghavan is an IAS aspirant who rents a house in slum housing board in North Chennai. He is shocked to see youngsters used as scapegoats for their crimes by politicians and also make them drug addicts. Vijay tries to educate them, and helps them to clear the exams.

But he earns wrath of politician. Soon he decides to take a different route. He dies his best in stunt sequences. And mass image is being portrayed. He is glorified at many places too.

Aathmika is cute and bubly. She does her part well.Nivas K Prasanna’s songs and background score by Harish Arjun deserves mention. Cinematography by Uthay Kumar and stunts by Mahesh Mathew are the other two big strengths in the film. Divya Prabha, Super Subbarayan and Ram have done a neat job.