Abhinav Mukund launches 10D Cricket

Chennai: India cricketer Abhinav Mukund and Secretary of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association RS Ramasaamy launched 10D Cricket – A product of Butter Fingers – in Chennai recently.

10D Cricket is a unique multi-player indoor family board game. It is a contest between bat and ball. There are six different dices (balls) with different results. There are various entries to determine the result of each ball. Players can decide the number of overs and wickets. 


Abhinav Mukund said, ‘ The product in itself looks fantastic. The entire game is quite simple to play. The biggest thing that I have realised during the pandemic is that everyone has sort of gone into technology a lot more. There is not much time for people to sit around with your family and play. It’s a nice opportunity for kids and for adults to interact. ‘

‘I think the game in itself, Bagawati hasn’t compromised anything on the game. It clearly shows how the game has come out. It’s something that I would play. It’s an opportunity for all families to come together, even kids to come together instead of spending time on mobile phones…they can sit and enjoy a game of cricket on this board.’

‘Bagawati has involved a foundation (AndAlt Foundation). It’s a not for profit organisation which works towards finding solutions for people with disabilities. Most of it is done by people with disabilities and accessible livelihood for people with disabilities or disadvantaged communities. 

Basically what generally happens is because I know this a lot more…my wife is sort of involved with the disability sector…if you are an adult with disability in sort of rural India it could be very disadvantageous. AndAlt Foundation is doing a phenomenal job in creating opportunities for people with disabilities in rural Tamil Nadu, to grow, thrive and make sure they find employment and sustainable livelihood.’

‘One of the reasons why I accepted to come on board to launch this is because Bagawati is always aware of doing things like making sure people are involved, and make sure it’s inclusive for all. I wish Bagawati all success.’

RS Ramasaamy said, Fttingly it’s been launched by one of the finest cricketers Tamil Nadu has produced (Abhinav Mukund). I was quite fascinated by seeing the game and I’m sure the kids as well as the old people are going to enjoy this game. I’m sure it’s going to kindle the interest of the youngsters to take up this game…it’s already a cricket crazy nation and it’s going to be even more after playing this game.

10D Cricket is now available in https://butterfingersentertainment.com/