Study analyses benefits of jabs in dialysis patients

Chennai: It is a known fact that Covid-19 has a higher mortality among older people and those with other health conditions.

However, there has been very little research to contextualise this observation with a keen focus on patients suffering from kidney faliure. Hence, policy makers and analysts have had to rely on speculations, mere observations and reports from health institutions around the world.

A recent study by NephroPlus published in Kidney International Reports, attempts to bridges the gap between speculation and scientific fact.

The study showed that infections, hospitalisations, and mortality were all significantly reduced among people who had taken at least one dose of the vaccine.

It was found that those patients on dialysis who had taken even one dose of the vaccine had as much as 33 per cent reduced risk of getting Covid infection compared to those who were not vaccinated. More notable was the halving of the risk of death, even if they got Covid.


NT Bureau