Koo enables translation feature on microblogging platform

Chennai: Microblogging platform Koo ha marked International Translation Day by enabling real-time translation of content across eight distinct Indian languages.

The feature enables the automatic translation of a Koo into Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, and English – thereby enhancing the digital reach and encouraging conversations and expressions of thought through languages that reflect India’s rich linguistic diversity, said a company statement.

It added that Koo is the first social media platform in the world to enable this tech-driven translation feature.

Reflecting on its multi-language offerings, a Koo spokesperson said, ‘India is a unique nation. We have thousands of languages and dialects. Most products assume that users speak a global language – but that has never been true for India. In addition to giving Indians a platform to connect and engage in their native languages, we are now enhancing their experience by enabling the power of translation in a unique way through Koo.’


NT Bureau