FSII, AAI come together for cotton

Chennai: On World Cotton Day (7 October), Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) and Alliance for Agri Innovation (AAI) celebrated the power of technology like Bt Cotton in making India the world’s leading producer.

Pests keep on evolving to survive and try to attack the plants and especially crops. Plants on the other hand, develop their own defence mechanisms to keep these pests at bay. The genes responsible for these defence mechanisms either can be present in the crop plants itself, their wild relatives or in other organisms which are sexually non-compatible.

In some crops, there are no or very limited genes which can provide resistance. Cotton is a major example, in which host genes for resistance against cotton pests are not there.

Therefore, development of transgenic Bt cotton which provide resistance against major bollworms has provided a major relief to farmers for more than two decades, said a statement.


NT Bureau