‘Spinal issues must be diagnosed on time’

Chennai: Apart from its other effects, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to ergonomic issues among a majority of people, including recurrent back pain. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with wrong posture and usage of gadgets all day are some of the factors. On World Spine Day, awareness must be raised on understanding when to see a doctor for back pain and not dismiss it out of fear psychosis.

Spine surgery is recommended in only a very small percentage of cases, with very specific diagnoses, after a more conservative course of treatment has been tried. It is important to get diagnosed first by consulting a specialist and decide the right course of action in terms of the treatment.

Speaking about this, Dr Appaji Krishnan, Spine surgery and deformity correction centre, SIMS hospitals, Chennai, said, ‘Bed rest is not a cure for back pain and can make it worse. Inactivity can cause your back to become deconditioned, weak and stiff. The helpless feeling of being in bed all day can also have emotional effects, causing depression or fear of movement, which could make a pain episode last longer. To reduce back pain, one should take no more than a day or two of bed rest to calm the pain and avoid further damage, followed by moderate, gentle exercise.’


NT Bureau