Man commits suicide after poisoning daughter

Chennai: A man killed his eight-year-old daughter with poison and later hanged himself to death at a lodge in Chengalpattu district. They have been identified as Ravichandran, 47, of Presily Nagar, Otteri, and Dikshitha.

Ravichandran was reportedly under depression as his income was affected due to the pandemic. The 47-year-old man’s wife had died a few years ago.

Ravichandran had reportedly promised his daughter that he would take her to the Mamallapuram beach. The two of them checked into a hotel where the incident happened.

He had pasted a suicide note on the TV stating that no one was responsible for their death and had taken the decision out of frustration.

Police said the girl had consumed poisoned milk. A case has been registered under Section 174 of the CrPC.


NT Bureau