Review: Agadu

Agadu joins the list of crime thrillers in Tamil cinema that is engaging in parts. A couple on a holiday tour to Kodaikanal with their teenage daughter gets acquainted with a group of youngsters.
One fine morning, the girl and a youngster from the gang of friends go missing. Search begin. Cops enter. Did they get the girl back forms the crux.
Directed by S Suresh Kumar and produced by Vidiyal Raju, it features John Vijay as police inspector, Siddharth of Vijay TV fame, Sriram Karthik, Anjali Nair among others play key roles. John Sivanesan of Metro fame has scored music while cinematography is by Samrat and editing by Thiyagu.
Suresh Kumar has tried to convey the evil effects of drugs in the movie. The investigation by cops for the missing girl is captured in an interesting manner. Samrat’s camera captures Kodaikanal valley well. BGM are interesting.
John Vijay has done his part well but his mannerisms are monotonous. Siddharth and Anjali Nair does well. The movie has an interesting plot and does manage to engage audience in parts.

NT Bureau