Review: Kattam Enna Solludhu

A group of youngsters with a passion to make a movie come together. With no familiar faces and an interesting sequence of events, Kattam Enna Soludhu makes an interesting watch. There is innocence loaded all through in the film.
Besides directing the film, SG Ezhilanplays the lead role in thus rural tale loaded with laughter.

Produced by Kanna Ganesan Productions along with Raja Ayyapan, Pudhvai RR Karthikeyan, it has cinematography  by J Sabarish, music by Tamim Ansari and editing by Vijay Velukutty. The art is handled by Praveen UC and Sanarthanan S.

Deepa of Doctor fame plays a pivotal role. She is desperate search for a suitable boy for her daughter. A visit to astrologer’s house makes her meet a youngster from Karaikal who narrates story about his friends. Hoping that one of the friends would be her future son-in- law, she listens to the story with great interest. What is the story and what happens to her daughter’s wedding forms the crux.

Ezhilan as Vandhiyathevan is hero. The jobless youth and his travails with his dad, a cop in Pudhucherry police department have come good. His romantic escapades have been captured well. The cast including Thidiyan, Su Chinnadurai, Raja Ayyapan, Sagundala, Sabarish, Manivasagan, Rani Jeya have done well.

Kattam Enna Solludhu is a breezy entertainer and considering the sincere efforts behind the making, one can overlook the flaws. A good entertainer.

NT Bureau