TN sanitation worker finds gold coin in garbage, hands it over to police

Chennai: A conservancy worker in Tamilnadu found a 100-gram gold coin worth Rs 7.5 lakh lying in the garbage. She then chose to return the gold to its owner via the police.

Mary was segregating garbage on the streets of Thiruvottiyur when she heard a clink as she threw polythene in the garbage. Initially, she thought that the source of the clink might be a rupee coin or a small metal object. However, as she dug in to reveal the source, she was surprised to see a glittery gold coin. As soon as she found the coin, she informed the local police officials and handed over the coin to them.

Ganesh Raman, who works at a courier company, had bought the 100-gram gold coin with his hard-earned money. He had kept it covered in pink jewellery-wrapping paper and placed it under the bed.

To his shock, Ganesh Raman found it missing. When he asked his wife, she told him that she had cleaned the room and threw away the garbage. Even as he filed a police complaint, the police handed him over the coin found by Mary. The conservancy worker is being praised by many.


NT Bureau