For healthy, tasty food this festival season

Chennai: Vanaspati industry has been working to reduce trans-fats and make the product safer day by day.

Reminiscing the sweet nostalgia of yesteryears, chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, ‘from festive delicacies to lunchboxes, Dalda Vanaspati has ensured sumptuous tasty meals for generations of Indians together. I recall how the elders in my family swore by its rich aromatic taste and strongly believed that a dish wouldn’t taste the same if not prepared with Vanaspati’.

With Dalda Vanaspati announcing that it is now trans-fat free, Sanjeev says, ‘the announcement has only assured our continued trust in its innate goodness is well deserved.’

Live class

Meanwhile, foodies are invited to master the art of creating scrumptious mithais this Deepavali with a live cook-along Master Class by chef Natasha Gandhi on MiDigiWorld platform.

Set to unwind on 27 October, a press release said it will feature dessert expert Natasha Gandhi demonstrating an impressive array of sweet delicacies just in time for Deepavali.


NT Bureau