The T23 story: How is captured tiger doing now

Chennai: A week after the maneater tiger of Masingagudi, code-named T23, was tranquilised and captured in the Nilgiris, officials have said it is ‘stabilising’.

The Forest department will now ascertain the psychology and possible behaviour of the animal with the help of experts and take a considered course of action, as per a Madras High Court directive.

After being captured in the Mudumalai forests, the tiger had been kept in an enclosure at the rescue centre in Mysuru zoo. The kraal at the zoo provides the big cats some private space to relax and roam around in, out of sight of visitors.

According to the observations of the doctors at the Mysuru Zoo Rescue centre, T23 is doing fine except for some dullness on Tuesday, possibly due to stress as it was taken into confinement from the wild.

Nearly 60 forest officials, divided into five teams, five doctors, one drone, 25 camera traps (mobile camera), one net gun, one pepper gun, three sniffer dogs and seven tranquiliser guns were put in place to capture the elusive tiger in the thick forest cover between Masinagudi and Theppakadu.


NT Bureau