Music video against caste evils

Director Kumaran after Jada is now coming up with his second album song. The theme of the album will be based on a realistic incident which happened in Vellore.
Kumaran says, ‘Being a humanist, I think prejudice is just a humans evilest attitude of keeping another human under their toe and doesn’t want them to rise up and this is why equality just stays as a word’.
He says when he came across this particular incident it literally give him sleepless nights which made him to pen down this strong content. Kumaran tells us this is how he can bring awareness to the society.
The song also brings out an emotional love between a father and a girl child. The song to be composed by music director Sean Roldan and cinematography Sridhar, editing by  Selva RK, lyrics to be penned by Umadevi and art director N K Sukumaren.
The song features Dhanalakshmi, Poo Ram and Srinath supported by Vijay Venkatesan, Kingsley, Manisha Jashnani, Manish, Sangethaa, Ajay Karna and others.

NT Bureau