Soundarya launches voice-based social media platform Hoote

It was a happy Monday for Rajinikanth. He not just received Dada Saheb Phalke award for his contribution to cinema but also his daughter Soundarya launched a voice-based social media platform, Hoote.
What is Hoote!?
It is basically a SM platform offering 60-second live voice recording option or to upload a recorded voice in 15 Indian and 10 foreign languages, of choice.
Why the name?
Ask Soundarya why she opted for the name Hoote, she says, ‘Hoote is the sound the owl makes and white owl is considered as a symbol of wisdom and hence the name. Hence we went for it’.
His Master’s voice
Hoote was launched by Rajinikanth himself in his voice. He said, ‘those who can’t read or write (too) can convey their voice messages. I hope this (Hoote) will become popular as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter’.
How it works?
The entire voice message should be conveyed in 60 seconds and it is human to human interaction. The hooters can be anywhere in the world and could connect with private or public groups, says Sunny, CEO of Amtex, who built the product for Soundarya.

NT Bureau