Modi not above nation: Rahul

New Delhi: Congress’s Rahul Gandhi, who welcomed the Supreme Court’s order to form a committee to look into the Pegasus spyware row, has said the opposition’s stand on the issue is ‘vindicated’ since the judges have flagged the same concerns.

‘We protested, but no reply. We stopped Parliament, but we still did not get a reply. Now our stand is vindicated. So, our questions remain the same,’ he said.

‘If the PM of the nation colluded with another nation and attacked its own citizens — which included the Chief Justice, former PMs and other Chief Ministers, leaders of opposition parties, then this is an attack on the nation,’ he said.

Rahul added: ‘Did the other nation have all this data? That is a very important question. Even if this data was on the Prime Ministers desk, then that too is totally criminal, and we will contest it. The Prime Minster is not above the nation.’

Rahul Gandhi also vowed to again raise the matter in Parliament and hold the government accountable for key questions the row has raised.


NT Bureau