Bachelor is a bold movie, says GV Prakash

Bachelor is bold film. It is a modern take on relationships between contemporary couples, says actor GV Prakash.
Producer G Dilli Babu, Axess Film Factory, the movie id directed by Sathish Selvakumar. Divyabharathi is playing the female lead role in this film and others in the star-cast comprises Munishkanth, Bhagavathi Perumal and few others. GV Prakash Kumar is composing music, Theni Eswar is cinematographer and San Lokesh is editor. It is hitting screens on 3 December.
Says GV Prakash, ‘How a relationship startd between a young couple, how they understand each other and how it slowly changes in months to come are discussed in a raw and realistic manner’.
He adds, ‘The movie is about how it becomes messy and problems each other start to face’
Asked whether it speaks about premarital sex, GV Prakash says, ‘It doesn’t discuss about it. It is up to two individual on living together. Rather Bachelor speaks about relationships. We are not trying to thrust anything. It will have realistic values’.
Dwelling about the film, he says, ‘A boy from
Pollachi goes to Bengaluru to work in an IT  company. The heroine is a city girl. Hefalls for her. But it is not a regular village boy caught in crisis in city culture.’
When asked will there be violence in the film, no was his reply. He says, ‘It is a serious take on man – women relationship. Manirathnam sir discussed about it in his films and so was Selvaraghavan. Now it is Sathish’s take on it. It is more messy and toxic affair between the two. When they go extreme, their behaviour changes. But there is an impartial political statement at the end’.
‘I chose to do the film for the script was different. It had an interesting line. There was more scope for me to perform. Thete are negative shades in my character which actor these days would be hesitant to do.But I wanted to do it. After doing Bala’s film Naachiyar, I gathered guts to try experiment on screen with varied roles rather than just doing conlmedy and lught-hearted entertainers’.
Sathish Selvakumar says, ‘GV Prakash has two different shades in this film thst traverses through the phases of Boyhood to Manhood. He has done a fabulous job in the film. Theni Eswar sir has exerted an impeccably tremendous effort for finest visuals. The teaser might give an impression of adult theme, but it is not so. It will have realistic values and has been presented with same factors. I thank Dilli Babu sir for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this film. I would like to mention that the film will not have any stalking contents.’
 G Dilli Babu, Axess Film Factory says, ‘Our production house has been very conscious about the contents in every movie we have made. We at Axess Film Factory have produced movies based on different genres and this will be a different and special one. So, I can assure that the movie will be something for family audiences and not something to do with adult themes. The film will have a takeaway like Oh My Kadavule, but nothing preachy.’

NT Bureau