Son fed many during lockdown, parents struggle after his death

Suresh and his friend with essentials to cook food during 2020 lockdown.

Chennai: When lockdown was announced for the first time in the country in 2020 to curb the spread of Covid-19, many from the marginalised sections of the society suffered to fulfil even their basic needs, including food.

At that time, Suresh Kumar was one among the volunteers who actively reached out to the needy in and around Avadi and served food to them on a daily basis for months, till the restrictions were eased. ‘News Today’ featured his good work in its columns in April 2020.

And now, Suresh’s parents are struggling to make ends meet besides reeling under debts. Reason- Suresh is no more. The 39-year-old died last year due to a heart ailment leaving his parents in distress.

Yet to come out of the shock of Suresh’s demise, his father Shanmugam, a retired private company worker whose only income now is Rs 2,000 pension per month and mother who is a homemaker, are also facing huge burden in the form of debts.

Their house, which is the only property of the family, is under loan while the little jewels Suresh’s mother had were pledged for his medical treatment.

‘With the meagre pension money of Rs 2,000, Suresh’s parents are struggling to even meet their day to day needs. It is impossible for them to repay house and jewel loans,’ says Suresh’s friend Chandrasekaran, who has launched an initiative to pool in resoures to help the aged couple.

For more details, Chandrasekaran can be contacted at 9884899100.


NT Bureau