1 dead, 80 injured in Jallikattu

Madurai: The Avaniapuram jallikattu, Madurai’s first bull-taming event of the Pongal season, was held on Friday amid Covid-19 restrictions. One spectator was gored to death by a bull, and at least 80 participants were injured at the event.

The 18-year-old man was killed by the raging bull. The popular bull-taming competition held on Pongal day in the district left about 80 people, including tamers, bull owners and spectators injured.

The teenager Balamurugan from Madurai was gored in the chest by the bull, the police said. He was rushed to the government Rajaji Hospital where he was declared brought dead by the doctors, a senior police official said.

Amid loud whistles, applause and cheers at Avaniyapuram village in Madurai district, as many as 300 bulls were let out into the arena of bull tamers.

Though the Tamilnadu government had allowed Jallikattu with 300 bulls and 150 spectators, hundreds of villagers gathered on roofs and outside the barricades at Avaniyapuram to watch the events.

Adequate police personnel were deployed to ensure safety of the people. A Red Cross team assisted participants who were injured, and Animal Husbandry officials examined the bulls. Ambulances and fire engines were also deployed at the venue.


NT Bureau