All you need to know about engine remapping

The crave for better performing motorcycles is on the rise in India and sales reports show there is no stopping, for at least in the near future. Many motorcycle enthusiasts can be seen upgrading their bikes to reach greater performance. But, what if enthusiasts can’t afford the motorcycle upgrade? Least intrusive modifications have turned out to be the best answer so far Continue Reading

Chennai resident wants garbage issues sorted out in Chrompet

Garbage problems are a part and parcel of almost all the neighbourhoods in Chennai. But they had reached a tad worse in Chrompet Shanthi Nagar as a resident alleged that even after making formal complaints to the highest authority of the neighbourhood, efforts for a solution have not kickstarted. Continue Reading

Chennai officials sort out two major civic problems overnight

In a surprising move, following the efforts of Federation of Civic and Welfare Associations of Pallavaram, two major civic problems in the neighbourhood have been sorted out not in a day or two but just in a night’s time thanks to workers toiling even till mid-night. Continue Reading

Rollover of capital gains is big boost for Real Estate: Karle Group CFO

The real estate sector reeling under the effects of government measures like GST and RERA has impacted the business of small players heavily. However, big real estate businesses have found the government’s moves quite to their advantage. Speaking to News Today, Karle Group CFO Gururaj Bhat talked how such implementations have turned out to be fruitful for them and property buyers.  Continue Reading