Sexagenarian in Chennai coaches sportspersons free of cost

“There were not many sportspersons in the district as it lacked facilities. However, it did not deter my school and many were found excelling in events like football and hockey, among others. That sparked my desire to get into sports.” Continue Reading

Helplines see positive shift in students; fewer report suicidal tendencies

“The helpline has received more than 1,300 calls on the day of Plus Two results and around 300 today. Surprisingly, a major chunk of the callers are from villages who want to know what to pursue.” Continue Reading

Simple makeup mistakes to avoid when perfecting your elegance

We have read a lot about applying make-over, but little do we pay attention to the mistakes we do in the process. From using in excess to choosing the wrong shade of foundation, we have all been there and done that. Here is a listicle from News Today about the errors we commit. Continue Reading

Thirukkural Peravai in Chennai takes message to children

Tamil New year is a special occasion and how do we not recognise the contribution of vernacular authors and poets and their followers? For it is them who are striving to take it to the younger generation when the importance given to English is more. Continue Reading

2019 general elections: Experts seek better health manifesto

Tomorrow Tamilnadu goes to polls for both Assembly (by-elections) and Lok Sabha elections. While there has been a lot of policies and new schemes in healthcare sector released by the present State and Central governments, experts point out a few key issues that require attention. Continue Reading

People to leave for vacation destinations, but will cast vote too

Since it is sandwiched between government holidays, politicians and analysts have raised their concerns over voter turnout owing to the long break – Mahavir Jayanthi (17 April), holiday for polling (18 April) Good Friday (19 April), Saturday and Sunday. Continue Reading