Ex-servicemen of BRO to organise meeting at Avadi, Chennai, 26 January

 In 1977, R Udayar from Chennai joined the government service. He holds pride in saying that he has served in the border areas across Burma and Pakistan. However, he was not a part of the defence, but has served on the vulnerable zones in India. So where was he? Unknown to many, Border Road Organisation (BRO), one of the organisations that work hand in glove with the armed forces was where he served for about 27 years. Continue Reading

Director Ram Mahindra speaks about his ordeals & upcoming flick

As like any aspiring director, Ram Mahindra had his own share of battles to set his foot in the film industry. Being a fighter that he is, he endured the shackles and is all chuffed for his upcoming Hindi feature film Mansi.
In a tete-a-tete with News Today, the director-cum-writer traces the trajectory. Continue Reading

Chennai-based support group organises meet-up, sheds light on rights

“As people, we have all the rights applicable for any human. However, our rights are being breached. It is happening right under the nose but many are unaware. Everyone, including people with disabilities, have all rights to dissent to any decision taken by the government,” said disability rights activist and Equals founder-trustee Meenakshi Balasubramanian. Continue Reading

Chennai resident honoured for her contribution to academics and profession

Most often it is the life of Mother Teresa that flashes across when we speak about nurses. However, the nursing community is largely unsung as they tend to work silently behind the scenes, acknowledging their work just to themselves. Saraswathi Vaidyanathan is one such nurse who has been presented with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council recently, recognising her contribution to academics and service.

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Tamil scholars in Chennai speak about Thirukkural in times of controversy

 In recent times, Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar has been subjected to a sea of controversies in national politics. However, his work, Thirukkural, is a work that still holds ground no matter how old it is. Tamil language and enthusiasts from the neighbourhood share their two cents on the saint and the Tamil festival ahead of Thiruvalluvar Day. Continue Reading

Goshalas in Nanganallur, Chennai, gear up for Maattu Pongal celebration

Although Nanganallur and Adambakkam are part of the metro city, the neighbourhood is old school during the times of festival. It is more so during Pongal, for we have several cattle herders along the streets. Although times have changed, they continue to keep up with their celebrations.

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Nanganallur market in festive mode ahead of Pongal

The market is yet again back to life with activities. This time it is for Pongal. Shopkeepers in the shandy are hoping to up the ante in the coming weeks. News Today takes a walk along the streets to find out what’s in store. Continue Reading

At 72, this Chennai resident wins big in Master’s Athletics

Lalitha N is not an ordinary woman you would come across. A retired Tamil teacher from a private school in Nanganallur, this 72-year-old woman has won the third place in 1500 metre in the 21st Asia Masters Athletic Championship held at Malaysia recently in the 70 plus category. Continue Reading

‘Authentic Power and Greatness’ provides wisdom, tips for happiness

At a time when people are seeking happiness out of materialistic wealth and chasing them, the ‘real’ happiness is forgotten. Spiritual awakening is most often linked with religious association and it need not necessarily be the case. Similarly, we get lost in the ocean of wants and desires while we try to find the purpose of life. Here is Joseph Rodarick Law’s title Authentic Power and Greatness helps us see through spiritual wisdom during modern times. Continue Reading

Writer Vandana Singh Lal’s ‘So All is Peace’ explores subtleties of emotions

Twin sisters Layla and Tanya, starve in their upmarket apartment in New Delhi kicking off rage in the media. One half-dead and the other remains mum, living in a state of disrepair and chaos. A claustrophobic story with a complex sequence of happenings, of two women confronting the everyday realities of their city and country, Vandana Singh Lal’s fiction So All is Peace provides insights into love, lust, fear, grief and the decisions we make. Continue Reading