Fitness-enthusiast on a mission to reintroduce cycling in Chennai

In a bid to encourage people take up cycling, Felix John from Chennai, has been elected as the Bicycle Mayor by Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS. A happy Felix is charting out ideas to make people embrace and do cycling. Continue Reading

Corpn desilts drains in Alandur zone, residents rue of bad roads

With North East monsoon predicted to lash the city, the neighbourhood received good showers in the last few days. But the grim question lies here. Are we rain-ready? Partially no. While the corporation has desilted the stormwater drains and underway in a few areas, the residents are worried about battered roads and potholes. The local body officials reassure that there would be no repeat of 2015 episode. Continue Reading

‘SWM by-laws in finalisation stage, once done fines will be imposed in Chennai’

Since a long time now, garbage disposal has been a problem for the residents of Zone 12. With Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) practicing door-to-door collection, most of the cans are removed to facilitate the process. Despite doing so, several street corners are littered with all kinds of waste. Although the corporation has time and again emphasised on segregation, little has been done from the scratch. Continue Reading

Fitness-enthusiast from Chennai is on a mission to reinitiate cycling

In a bid to encourage people cycling, Felix John from Chennai, has been elected as the Bicycle Mayor by Amsterdam-based social entreprise BYCS. A happy Felix is charting out ideas to make people embrace and leverage cycling. Continue Reading

Chennai researchers develop safe hand-washing technique for children

In India, studies state that 20 per cent of the child mortality cases are caused due to water-borne diseases – diarrhea and acute respiratory infections (ARI) like pneumonia. Close to 46 per cent households practice open defecation and the rate is up to 80 per cent in a few districts. Continue Reading

What led down Pazhavanthangal rly station?

The 2019 Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat ranking that ranks the stations based on several factors and Pazhavanthangal railway station in Chennai occupies the eighth place in the list of unclean stations in India.
The reasons are aplenty and obvious as far as Pazhavanthangal station is concerned. During several instances, residents of the neighbourhood and commuters have raised a range of problems.
Continue Reading

Chennaiite runs centre focusing on activities for differently-abled

Forty-two-year-old Rajarajeswari was just like any other housewife when she got married two decades ago. After having her first child, she began to ponder over utilising her leisure hours. Although she does not have a degree, her husband K R Rajan suggested her to work at a school that teaches differently-abled children. The phase changed her life altogether and soon led her start Sri Vidhyodaya Learning Centre in Mandavelipakkam. The best part is that all her 20 children look forward to attend the school every day with all smiles. Continue Reading

IMH in Chennai reunites patient with family

 In 2008, 32-year-old Sita* was found at Egmore Railway Station by the police with her three-month-old girl child with psychosis and admitted to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Fast forward nine years, she is now a happy wife at her native place in Andhra Pradesh. Thanks to IMH that took efforts to treat, rehabilitate and identify her family. Continue Reading

Chennai lad organises meetings focusing on positive thinking

At an age and time where we rarely know the family living next door, Sathish Kumar Balakrishnan’s Motta Maadi Sandhippu initiative focuses on people to overcome depression and other problems. Continue Reading

Two Chennaiites speak of tragic incidents and on overcoming them

The common aspect that unites Narendran and Rajan is living a life after the passing away of their beloved ones. Vaani Anand and AVIS Viswanathan, ‘the happynesswalas’, as part of the happyness conversations, spoke to Narendran and Rajan about acceptance and being happy. Continue Reading