At 72, this Chennai resident wins big in Master’s Athletics

Lalitha N is not an ordinary woman you would come across. A retired Tamil teacher from a private school in Nanganallur, this 72-year-old woman has won the third place in 1500 metre in the 21st Asia Masters Athletic Championship held at Malaysia recently in the 70 plus category. Continue Reading

‘Authentic Power and Greatness’ provides wisdom, tips for happiness

At a time when people are seeking happiness out of materialistic wealth and chasing them, the ‘real’ happiness is forgotten. Spiritual awakening is most often linked with religious association and it need not necessarily be the case. Similarly, we get lost in the ocean of wants and desires while we try to find the purpose of life. Here is Joseph Rodarick Law’s title Authentic Power and Greatness helps us see through spiritual wisdom during modern times. Continue Reading

Writer Vandana Singh Lal’s ‘So All is Peace’ explores subtleties of emotions

Twin sisters Layla and Tanya, starve in their upmarket apartment in New Delhi kicking off rage in the media. One half-dead and the other remains mum, living in a state of disrepair and chaos. A claustrophobic story with a complex sequence of happenings, of two women confronting the everyday realities of their city and country, Vandana Singh Lal’s fiction So All is Peace provides insights into love, lust, fear, grief and the decisions we make. Continue Reading

Chennai artist and family speak of pioneering calendar art in Tamilnadu

Despite the rampant invasion of mobile phones, if there is one thing that has remained constant in the past decade is the calendar. It makes its way through everyone somehow. But if there is one thing that has undergone transition is the same calendar. But how? The answer is very simple. The meticulous designs. Calendars with digital artworks and photographs are the fad now. Roll back a few decades, all we got was the ones with hand-drawn portrait of a God. News Today speaks to S Maarieswaran, a multi-faceted artist, whose father TM Subbaiah was tutored by C Kondaiah Raju, the artist who pioneered calendar art. He takes us back in time tracing the journey. Continue Reading

Year-ender 2019: Round-up of events in TN health sector

2019 has been a rollercoaster ride in Tamilnadu health sector. The year saw many ups and downs. Here are the list of events that took place.

Continue Reading

Solar eclipse to be visible all over Tamilnadu tomorrow

As we await the dawn of a new year, the earth will experience the last eclipse of 2019 on 26 December. The happening, known as annular solar eclipse, will be visible all over Tamilnadu and India. Continue Reading

Chennai gears up for Christmas celebrations

With Xmas hardly three days away, residents of the neighbourhood are prepping up to rejoice the fete.
Several shops dotting Adambakkam, Pazhavanthangal and St Thomas Mount are glowing with lights of all kinds and are decked up with ornaments of all kinds. Continue Reading

MadRasana hosts Carnatic programmes at Sathyam from 23 to 27 December

Carnatic concerts are synonymous with sabhas and traditionally, that has been the norm for all these years. Taking an alternate route, Chennai’s MadRasana hosts music festival in cinema theatres. Yes, you read it right.
A former corporate professional, at 48, Mahesh Venkateswaran quit his job to focus on his passion – music, travel and photography. He teamed up with Sean Rol­dan, a Carnatic musician-turned-film-music-composer, in 2016 to give a different experience to the audience and artist. Continue Reading

Kanchana Banerjee’s ‘Nobody’s Child’ explores dark side of humanity

Repudiating Kanchana Banerjee’s second novel by a top publishing house did not preclude her, it rather gave way to pan out well. Continue Reading