80 Years And Still Going Strong

Eighty-year-old and still going. Yes, meet K Rengasamy of West K K Nagar, who is an active sportsperson. He has won gold medals in 100 and 200 meters completing the races in 20.28 and 55.65 seconds respectively in recently held Chennai District Masters Athletic Meet 2019. The two-day event was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in the city. Continue Reading

Road trips made easy for Chennaiites

The Road Trips Co(RTC) is a group of passionate travellers including solo-trippers, families, motorcyclists and other individuals who come together for on-road experiences. The community which was first started in Mumbai is now present in over 18 cities making weekends and holidays, fun and exciting. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Asuran’ – Engaging & engrossing

Vetri Maaran is back with an another cult classic ‘Asuran’. Loosely based on ‘Vekkai’ written by Poomani, it is about cast violence between ‘Vaddakar’ portrayed by ‘Aadukalam’ Naren and lower caste farmer Sivasami (Dhanush) over owning of land. Continue Reading

Govt playground cries for attention

Government playground at 9th Avenue, Ashok Nagar is not maintained properly for more than 10 years and residents are tired of complaining to the Greater Chennai Corporation and local MLA. Continue Reading

Ashok Nagar Library : Churning out civil servants

The Ashok Nagar Circle library not only caters to general public, but also plays an important role in churning out future civil servants. Aspirants are utilising the library where it has a separate section for civil service examinations and other TNPSC exams. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Official Secrets’ – A whistle-blower’s ordeal

If you are working for a government agency where you stumble upon a top secret information which says that your government is deceiving the people to go to war with third world country, probably you would leave it at that. But Katharine Gun (Keira Christina Knightley), a British translator who works for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British intelligence agency leaked the information and made headlines in 2003. Continue Reading

Solving like Sherlock

Chennai: Two-year-old Rohith Balaji, a resident of K K Nagar is a genius in making with his extra-ordinary memory power. The gifted toddler can reset the identification of puzzles while naming the things or animals without any difficulty. The puzzles are for the age group between 2 and 4 years old. But he started solving the puzzle when he was only 15 months. Continue Reading