Chennaiite starts his own trash collecting business

He finally concluded that this was a business that could run through an online presence. It took him nearly three months to reach just 100 customers but after his work slowly got the approval of and appreciation from residents even from surrounding areas and his customers have skyrocketed to nearly 40,000. Continue Reading

Children’s library in Chennai gets attractive amenities

Samskriya Foundation managing trustee Sandhya Jaichandren said,”We wanted to give a good atmosphere for children visiting libraries. So, through Samskriya Knowledge Centre, we have provided 600 creative and colourful books, two tables and 10 chairs. Apart from it, we have provided two computers where children can do online projects.” Continue Reading

Chennaiite help kids learn science better in practical mode

Ariviyal Araichi – which connects the academic curriculum with the experiments to enhance understanding of the concepts, thereby stimulating interest among students. The programme is devised with practical experiments in Physics and Chemistry so that they can learn the general science concepts better through these practical sessions. Continue Reading

Chennai locality still boasts of Karunanidhi even after his demise

As an interesting tale, residents recall with amusement that everytime the DMK came to power, the destination boards on buses would read as ‘Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar’ and once the AIADMK came to power, it would be back to ‘K K Nagar’. Continue Reading

Chennaiite recalls freedom fighter P Kakkan’s simplicity

“I used to travel by 5E bus to my office from K K Nagar to Taramani. At Chinnamalai, Kakkanji used to get into the bus. Commuters and I used to ask him to sit by offering our seat. But he used to say ‘Amma Ukkarunga, Thaymarellam Nikakoodathu’. Even when the conductor offers him the seat, he would refuse to sit. This showed his simplicity,” she says. Continue Reading

Cinematographer in Chennai recalls his 1st Independence day

The first Independence Day celebration was held in the vast sprawling quadrangle inside the Gemini Studios. This was the quadrangle used later for the popular drum dance sequence in the film ‘Chandralekha’,”Krishnaswamy says. Continue Reading