TN to face second wave of Covid-19?

The spread of coronavirus in the Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu is coming down according to official figures. But, with festivals lining up and companies running full-fledged, many fear a second wave. Continue Reading

Expert talks about safe pregnancies during pandemic

The pandemic continues to be a stressful time to almost every section of the society, but the first few months had been even more painful for expecting mothers as both doctors and patients were unsure on how and if it would affect the mother and fetus. Continue Reading

Kilambakkam bus terminus project is very much alive and active: Officials

Announced eight years ago, the work on Kilambakkam bus terminus near Urapakkam on the outskirts of Chennai, eventually began taking shape in 2019. However, it has come to a temporary halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue Reading

Advocate-author talks about his new book – ‘Fear of God’

A book by advocate and author Vadhan, ‘Fear of God’, is a ‘literary crime thriller’ that weaves law, corruption, vigilantism and courtroom drama. In an e-mail interview with ‘News Today’, Vadhan discusses his latest book. Continue Reading