What killed head nurse Pracilla?

The mystery around the demise of head nurse John Mary Pracilla (58), who was working at the Covid-19 ward of Rajiv Gandhi General Government Hospital (RGGGH), continues even as many disgruntled nurses demand a thorough inquiry to bring out the truth. Continue Reading

Despite resumption of air and train services, many find it tough to go back homes

The past two months have given everyone a new experience. On 24 March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced lockdown asking people to stay whereever they were. Borders were closed, trains halted, airports shut down and public transport came to a standstill. Continue Reading

Many mobile traders don’t follow safety rules, give headache to officials

With the lockdown in place, traders and vendors are among those who are badly hit. However, it seems they have found a new way to bounce back into business. Continue Reading

Medical staff including doctors test positive for Covid-19 at Stanley hospital

Around 16 doctors and seven nurses at Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital, one of the important state-run healthcare centres in Chennai, have reportedly tested positive for Covid-19. Continue Reading

Explained: How businesses will be affected post pandemic

Hereafter people will be referring to time as “Before Corona” and “After Corona”, because the way of living may change drastically, especially in ways of spending. Continue Reading

Online competitions to mark International Nurses Day 12 May

Nurses are on the frontline working in high risk environment treating coronavirus infected patients. To uplift their spirits, as part of International Nurses Day (12 May), Global Nurses Association organised has online competitions which have received much response. Continue Reading

Coronavirus has dampened our spirits, say police personnel

The city police department is shaken by the huge number of Covid-19 positive cases among the force. As of this morning, 77 personnel of various ranks are tested positive. Continue Reading

Novel protest by nurses

Nurses who are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic have started an unique way of protest over being ‘grossly underpaid’– e-mails. Many nurses hired through Medical Services Recruitment Board (MRB) and employed by hospitals on contract basis for years, are part of the agitation. Continue Reading