In the CV market, it is better to go electric than hybrid: Ashok Leyland

For over a year now the government has been talking about rolling out the second phase of this scheme but the EV manufacturers in India still wait in anticipation. Phase one of FAME has already been extended four times in the last two years. Continue Reading

Digital era disrupting centuries-old Remittance industry: Remitly

With the World bank stating that the overall global remittance, in 2018, grew 10 per cent to $689 billion, including $528 billion to developing countries, the potential of the market is not to be undermined. Continue Reading

Podcast users to be ‘tracked’ through new analytics tech

With the growing trend of following Internet users through ads with ads that follow them around, search histories getting stored, emails that report back and much more, the podcast industry is also set to mimeograph the same. The podcast industry will now track detailed user behaviour, reports stated. Continue Reading

Why did Urjit Patel resign?

The resignation came just days ahead of the 14 December meeting of the board of RBI that was to take up issues like governance in the central bank. Patel, who is the first Governor to resign since 1990s, cited personal reasons for the resignation. Continue Reading

Future is promising, but needs to be steered well

‘Make in India’ was seen as a huge movement that would finally see things being ‘made’ in the country. But what we did not see coming our way is that foreigners will resort to making India a manufacturing hub and no more. Continue Reading

RE has grown 3 times in the last three years in TN: India biz head

Speaking to News Today, Shaji said, “Royal Enfield does all its production in Tamilnadu and employs more people from the State. It has grown three times in the last three years here.” Continue Reading