People get exploited if they needlessly spend money on road-racers

The term ‘race car for the road’ has always been a bit of an oxymoron, at least for me. While it does not take long to understand why manufacturers make such cars, it is rather odd to know that they intend to make them at all. People, especially men, like to tell themselves that they are better drivers. In order to satisfy their ego, manufacturers make products that they claim will be able to do blisteringly quick laps around race tracks…err, around the world. That is the sole reason for cars like the McLaren Senna exist. Continue Reading

Chennai’s second eco-park comes up at Paruthipattu lake, Avadi

Paruthipattu lake in Avadi has been restored and renovated with modern facilities including provisions for boating and is set to be inaugurated by Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami 17 June, according to sources. Continue Reading

Chennaiites, activists clean Sada Kulam on World Environment Day

On 5 June, Korattur Waterbodies Protection Movement (KWPM) joined hands with DTP Colony residents and the Police department to clean Sada Kulam. Continue Reading

Reasons why automakers should adopt tyres with soundproofing foams

One of the most important inventions of mankind is the wheel and even today, engineers are finding ways to make it better for the entire automotive world depends on it. Funnily enough, the whole host of technological advancements that make cars and bikes faster and safer today, will be of no use if the wheels and tyres are not able to transfer power made by the car’s powertrain and provide grip. Continue Reading

YouTube videos by youngsters modifying cars reminds our passion for driving

I have the habit of watching YouTube videos quite a lot and more often than not the films I choose will be about cars. Well, you might roll your eyes thinking, ‘Aah, the person who writes a column on automobiles watches car videos! Boo’. Exercise patience and hear me out on this one. Continue Reading

Rolls-Royce aims record sales with Rs 6.95 cr Cullinan SUV launch

With the BMW-owned British brand selling 4,107 units globally last year, a growth of 22 per cent, the brand expects further success with the Cullinan, said David Kim, regional sales manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Asia Pacific. Continue Reading