Automakers are stuck in whirlpool of tech & regulation ‘evolution’

It would become cliched to write that electric vehicles are here to stay, for many have written about it, explored the possibilities and explained the technology on a large scale worldwide. People have also spoken about what new car manufacturers will come up with and how important it is for them to move with times and that is all good. But nobody seems to care about the difficulties that manufacturers go through. Continue Reading

Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa’s Indo-European fusion platter

Having dinner at a wonderful place during Chennai’s mixed July weather with the sea just a few minutes away and with the constant sound of waves being sonorous, it would take some beating to best the wine dinner. Continue Reading

Our vision is to build an open transaction ecosystem: PhonePe

PhonePe has been one of the leading players in the field and had crossed two billion transactions recently on the app. The Bengaluru headquartered digital wallet firm had in the fag end of last year registered its wealth management division and recently launched…. Continue Reading

TN minister praises members of Ambattur Waterbodies Protection Movement

Cleaning disused lakes and ponds has been gaining momentum in the neighbourhood. Members of Ambattur Waterbodies Protection Movement have completed two more ponds and are currently working on the third. Continue Reading

A trip down memory lane in Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle

German auto giant Volkswagen (VW) pulled the plug and ended the production of the iconic Beetle only recently, with the last car rolling of a factory in Puebla, Mexico. The car that was called the ‘Bug’, and a few other names, fondly over the years across the globe, was nothing sort of extraordinary when it came in the 1930s. It took the automotive world by storm and even today, the cars that run on the road stay true to their origins. Continue Reading

Chennaiite donates Rs 50,000 worth wheelchairs to Vandalur zoo

Small and simple moments often leave a profound impact on people. Some even change the course of life for many. It may be a little gesture, a comment from a passer-by or even a cute smile that could make another person’s day beautiful. Continue Reading

CM, Minister take measures to revise property taxes in city

When News Today contacted Alexander, the MLA of Ambattur regarding the issue, he said he had taken it up during the Assembly session yesterday.  ‘The problem is that property taxes were hiked when Ambattur was a Municipality and once again after it came under the Corporation. I spoke about addressing the disparity on the matter in the Assembly and I have been assured that it will be looked at,’ he said. Continue Reading