25-year-old entrepreneur wins ‘Face of Chennai’

When you thrive for something, no matter how many times you fail, no matter how many times you fall, or no matter how many times you are defeated, you will get up and you will rise and shine. “It is all about the hard work and perseverance’,” says Mohammed Yahiya, a resident of Moulivakkam. Continue Reading

‘Good Morning Coach’

“In India, there are over 60 grandmasters in Chess, currently. The number is low when compared to Russia and other such countries. All I aim is to increase this number and produce some qualifies chess grandmasters to our country,” says Jebastin, a resident of Porur. Continue Reading

Ramalingam’s mobile tailor shop attracts many in Porur

We can hardly hear epic songs like Nenjam Undu Nermai Undu in radio channels. But in Porur, even the little ones are used to this song. It is possible only because of lovable tailor Ramalingam.

Continue Reading

Chennai artist’s work gets recognition at International Art Fair

“I was amused to see my art piece exhibited in the main gallery where some of the finest paintings across the world were also kept. I am a spiritual artist and so the painting spoke about spiritual awakening. I portrayed Srivilliputhur Andal’s life history in it. When people approached and asked about it, I proudly explained to them about the history of Andal. My motto is to spread cultural values of our country.” Continue Reading

Chennai quilling expert wants to display her art works in Silicon Valley

“My passion for art drives me, and I won’t rest until I get to do what I want,” says a confident Narmatha, a 22-year-old artist from Porur, Chennai. This quilling expert, in an interview to News Today, speaks about her dreams, challenges that budding artists face and her plans for the future. Continue Reading

NGO Anbin Kural is run by 18-year-old Chennaiite

What is the most common thing that happens when a group of youngsters meet during weekend? Party? Trips? Watch videos? Chill? When this is the scenario in most of the cases, a group of teenagers from Mugalivakkam have taken up the ‘weekend challenge’ to clean Porur lake.  Continue Reading

Senior citizens in Chennai share memories about Independence struggle

With Independence Day being celebrated tomorrow, ‘News Today’ had an interesting conversation with senior citizens – Shankar (95) and Hatheem (82) – to learn about their patriotic views. They recalled their childhood memories of our country’s freedom struggle. Continue Reading

4-year-old Chennai girl marks her name in Indian Book of Records

Even when adults find it hard to remember a small list of groceries, 4-year-old Veyashini from Mangala Nagar, Porur, marked her name in Indian Book of Records by listing 49 countries along with their capitals in just 84 seconds! Continue Reading