This startup uses board games to reduce workplace stress

For some, its joy. For others, it’s just a daily routine to survive. People who work at firms where the stakes are high to always deliver a good performance are prone to succumb to stress. Continue Reading

Trust in Chennai paints public walls across the city

Karam Korpom, with the help of their website Stop Abusing Public Spaces, identify abused public spaces, get them cleaned up by conservatory workers and then carry out wall art with the local community participation along with the help from their volunteers. Continue Reading

IIT-Delhi student-entrepreneur offers smart home solutions

Founder of Eden, a startup, Pranjal Kacholia believes that IoT in India is still in its baby steps. Speaking with News Today, he talks about the his firm and the benefits of IoT. Continue Reading

NGO helps RPF in children safety at railway stations

Railway Children India, an organisation states that a child arrives alone in railway platforms across India for every five minutes. In order to help the railway officials in keeping track of the children at the stations, the NGO that works towards the safety of children along with National Commission for Protection of Child Rights recently came out with a guidebook for creating a child-friendly and protective environment for children at railway stations. Continue Reading

ICF rolls out Tejas coaches

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) today reached yet another milestone as it rolled out the first set of Tejas coaches at its Furnishing Division here. The factory manufactured 23 Tejas coaches after the Railway Board decided to allot these coaches for the Northern Railway division. Continue Reading

ICF comes up with eco-friendly initiatives

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) has come up with new initiatives to keep its surroundings more eco-friendly. ‘News Today’ brings out the significant steps taken by one of the world’s largest coach manufacturer. Continue Reading