Review: LKG – RJ Balaji packs quite a punch

The film begins with LKG working as a counsellor in his town, solving civic issues. He works hard to gain as many voters as possible so he can retain his power in the upcoming elections. However, his dream takes a giant leap when he decides to become a leading politician of the State. Continue Reading

Finance professional and life coach, pens book in a month

Vivek Ishwar’s book is a guide for ‘millennials to find balance and accomplish all their goals’. He is also a certified life coach and currently trains over 20 people from six different countries. Continue Reading

Learn the subtle art of busting fake news

Following the Pulwama terror attack, netizens took to social media to express grief for the martyred CRPF men and offer condolences to their families. But, within hours, thousands started sharing fake news related to the attack. Several media giants and other fact-checking watchdogs warned people to stop sharing them. Continue Reading

Chennaiite launches unique project to inculcate a feeling of kindness

When we wake up, it is common to read negative news in the papers and on our phones. This generally upsets people, leaving one to wonder if there’s any empathy left. But fret not. Founder of The Kindness Project, Mahima Poddar, an expressive art therapist, has launched ‘The Kindness Week’ which began 14 February and runs till 21 February. Continue Reading

Chaturvisha Madhuram combined art and dance in an ingenious way (videos)

The event at the Palladium mall, Velacheri on 14 February was unique. The event brought together art and dance. Curated and conceptualised by Kathak dancer, Neha Banerjee, the evening was visualised as a tribute to the many ‘facets of love such as desire, devotion and companionship’. Continue Reading

Two young entrepreneurs’ apparel brand makes waves on social media

Childhood friends Fathima Afrin and Fathima Sameera have always been passionate about designing clothes. Their combined passion fuelled their creative spark and the duo joined hands to start their own apparel brand, ‘Label Afeera’. Continue Reading

VLCC aims for stronger presence in Tamilnadu

One of India’s leading beauty and wellness brand, VLCC Healthcare Ltd recently announced that it will soon open 14 wellness centres across Tamilnadu with a plan initiated to increase the firm’s presence in the southern State. Continue Reading

Residents, vendors in Chennai talk about life, post plastic ban

On 1 January, residents across the city were at a loss when single-use plastic products were banned. Since then, several businesses started using alternatives, such as cloth-bags. Continue Reading