Marina Sands at Ramada, Egmore offers delicious seafood

The newly inaugurated Marina Sands at Ramada, Egmore might be the best option if you are planning to eat the finest seafood. Offering a plethora of dishes ranging from fish, lobsters, shrimps, salmons, prawns, among others, the restaurant boasts of several mouth-watering starters. Continue Reading

Actor Narain speaks to ‘NT’ about his action thriller ‘Kaithi’

Following the release of Kaithi trailer starring Karthi and Narain in lead roles, expectations among fans have triggered high. Thanks to the gripping and intense crime flick’s trailer, the movie is directed by Lokesh and produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. News Today spoke to Narain who shared about his role. Continue Reading

NT compiles a list of major financial crimes that shocked India

Ever since Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC Bank) crisis unfolded, citizens across India are worried by the mounting financial stumbles that have plagued our nation as our economy continues to stumble downward. In this article, News Today compiles a list of major white-collar crimes that rocked our country. Continue Reading

Tamilnadu-based paleontologist speaks on fossils and its identifications

When Steven Speilberg’s Jurassic Park hit the screens in 1993, passion for paleontology spiked across the globe. Nirmal Rajah, a native from Trivandrum fell in love with fossils after witnessing Richard Hammond’s miraculous dinosaurs on screen. Fast forward to present day, Nirmal is now a paleontologist hunting bones and an educationist with background in zoology and biotech. He also runs a YouTube channel, ‘Scientific Thamizhans’ with his friend, Prabhu – an astrophotographer. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Joker’ – A dark origin story

Gotham is suffering, thanks to poverty. It keeps citizens on streets who protest for a better lifestyle. Placards and chantings are everywhere. And then there is a clown, hoping to be seen in all this chaos. ‘Joker’ is a dark take of the comic villain that has thrived across hearts of million fans. Its the origin story of how Arthur Fleck aka Joker becomes the most sinister person of Gotham City. No actor in recent times has performed with so much intensity like Joaquin Phoenix. He looks really psychotic. Continue Reading

Food festival at Sigree Global Grill is a treat to gourmets

Every festival is incomplete without food as it defines our culture and community as a whole. Durga pooja is around the corner this week. The festival is widely observed by Bengalis and other western States of India. Continue Reading

Kalaimani-awardee Jayachandran speaks about his journey

Speaking to News Today, Jayachandran says that he got involved in music from childhood days after seeing his father performing at various concerts. “He made me join some classes and also trained me to play various instruments. When my father couldn’t perform at certain events due to scheduling conflicts and commitment to other concerts, I would go as his replacement,” he says. Continue Reading

Working with NGOs inspires author Damyanti Biswas to pen a crime thriller

When Damyanti Biswas started working with non-profit organisations, little did she know that she would soon be penning down characters based on people she came across. The stories soon weaved and became You Beneath Your Skin, her debut novel.
“I didn’t know I was writing a crime novel until I finished the first draft,” she says to News Today via email. “It took six years, 15 rewrites and endless rejections to complete.” Continue Reading

Review: ‘The Family Man’ – Gripping espionage thriller with humour

‘The Family Man’ is perhaps one of the best Indian series made to date. It’s funny and sleek, riddled with exceptional twists and turns, powerful performance and gripping direction and writing. Continue Reading

Experts, analysts and business leaders react following corporate tax rate cut

20 September was yet another day of surprise for our economy when Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told that the government has cut corporate tax rate for companies that do not avail of any tax incentive to 22 per cent. News Today reached out to Chennai-based chattered accountants and financial experts to hear their opinion. Continue Reading