Alwarthirunagar resident maintains terrace garden

When children start taking up gardening as a hobby, they become more empathetic towards nature. “Also, these days kids often spend more time on gadgets and they don’t spend their time productively. When into gardening, they get to understand the value of hard work of farmers who take care of our agricultural lands,” says nature enthusiast Subashree Vijay. Continue Reading

NT compiles major business booms of the decade

With 2019 coming to an end, News Today compiles a list of sectors that made a huge dent. They were chosen based on impact they made to our lives. From online shopping to food delivery, from watching web series to e-learning, the 2010s has been a decade to remember. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Hero’ – Vigilante entertainer

Several vigilante films have been made in Tamil cinema and almost every iconic classic in the list is directed by Shankar. PS Mithran’s Hero may perhaps join this list as the filmmaker takes a leaf out of Shankar’s magic recipe. Starring Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role as Sakthi, Hero is a family entertainer that keeps you engaged.

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Saligramam resident makes recyclable products from plastic

When Rakesh Ganesan, a resident of Saligramam met Amit Roy of Kolkata during a trip to the North East, the connection was spontaneous as the men had two passion in common – to travel and to work extensively on environmental cause. They now teach sustainable living, focusing on reducing plastic consumption. The duo have started a small initiative – making recyclable products. Continue Reading

KS Nair’s ‘The Forgotten Few’ speaks on IAF’s contribution in WWII

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is one of largest and powerful air forces in the world. Like every armed organisation, the IAF has patriotic stories of thousands who were brave to lay down their lives for our land. K S Nair’s The Forgotten Few – The Indian Air Force’s Contribution in Second World War attempts to narrate unheard stories of IAF.

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Review: ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ – Popcorn adventure

When Jumanji released in 1995, it set a mark for children’s fantasy adventure flick, revolving around a supernatural board game. It was the 90’s and board games were much loved. Two decades later, the film was revived yet again with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and it turned the board game into a video game. After all, its the 2010’s. And now, the hilarious film returns with Jumanji: The Next Level.
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Balu Mahendra Noolagam at Saligramam offers plenty for budding filmmakers

Tucked in a quiet place on Thilakar Street, Saligramam is a yellow one-floored apartment with a narrow balcony, lined up with pots. A dusty board hanging on the gates informs ‘Balu Mahendra Noolagam’. Continue Reading

Graphic novelist, James Peaty, pens book on Chanakya

As a kid, James Peaty loved comics and was a big fan of Terrence Dicks’ novelisations of Doctor Who. Later, it was Stephen King, James Ellroy, Elmore Leonard and Angela Carter. The writers made a big impact during my formative years, he says. Today, James is an author having worked with giants like Marvel and DC. His portfolio includes writing credits for Marvel Heroes, X-Men Unlimited, The Batman Strikes, Justice League Unlimited, Supergirl, among others. Continue Reading

Expat veterinarian pens book on how to care pet animals

As a young child, Juliet Decaestecker grew up in a place that made her connect with nature everyday. She recalls chasing after birds in the garden or learning how to feed horses at her grandparents’ farm. “Even if a pigeon would fly into the window, I would get inside the house and try to heal it,” she says. Continue Reading