App by fashion designer Purvi Doshi helps you trace a clothes’ origin story

Renowned fashion designer Purvi Doshi known for her sustainable clothing label, ‘Purvi Doshi’ recently launched the ‘Traceability’ app, hoping to bring in transparency among consumers. This unique app offers a user the source map, land where the cotton grew and textile has been woven, names, pictures and beautiful stories of weaver, dyers, spinners, tailors. Continue Reading

Food review: Land of Malay comes to town

If you are planning to taste authentic Malaysian cuisine, The Raintree at St Mary’s Road has organised a Malayasian Food Festival till 24 November, at their restaurant, Chap Chay. With dishes curated by Chef Mat Safiee Bin Haroon, the restaurant hopes to offer true Malaysian food for Chennaiites. The food fest is held on par with the Malaysian Tourism campaign, Truly Malaysia 2020. Continue Reading

Vadapalani resident collects ancient artifacts

If you step into Samy Durai’s shop on Arcot Road, Vadapalani you are greeted with ancient artifacts. Two large gramophones are placed at the entrance along with a tall telescope that looks as if it’s out of an encyclopedia. Samy’s small store is filled with interesting objects from idols to coins and from tiny toys to old pots and clocks. All his collections come with a story of their own. Continue Reading

Experts & techies share methods to fight air pollution

On 4 November, when Chennai woke up with hazy skies, residents were surprised. It was unusual. While the meteorological department assured there was nothing to worry, weather bloggers, on the contrary, cried in dismay. Some took on to social media to say that our city is slowing taking in Delhi’s hazardous air. For nearly a week, Chennai’s air quality continues to deteriorate. Continue Reading

‘Modern Love’ on Amazon Prime makes an engaging anthology series

Essays are powerful when stories are written from heart. Nearly 15 years ago, when ‘The New York Times’ published its series called ‘Modern Love’ about true stories of love, heartbreaks and redemption of relationships, the floodgates opened. Continue Reading

Former IAS officer T R Raghunandan speaks about bureaucracy

There is something glorious about Indian Administrative Service (IAS). It’s always been the crown jewel for civil service aspirants. After all, power is attractive. Yet bureaucracy, in general, has left laymen quizzical – How does the government work? How do men in power bring laws that change course of our history? Learning bureaucracy and power calls for a source having loads of wisdom. And who else can be a better person than T R Raghunandan – an IAS officer with 27 years experience? Continue Reading

Review: ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ – Rise of machines

‘The Terminator’ was a game-changer when it hit screens in 1984. It was probably the first time when Hollywood witnessed a humanoid robot hunting humans. Then, we had ‘Judgment Day’ in 1991. We were left in awe by the undefeatable liquid metal, shapeshifting T-1000. But later came a series of deeply disappointing flicks that were pedestrian. Continue Reading

Thousands suffer as signal failure hits suburban trains

Thousands of rail passengers in Chengalpattu – Chennai Beach route had a tough time in reaching their destinations today after a signal failure near Kattankulathur station caused trains to delay for nearly an hour. Continue Reading

Venkatesh speaks on juggling life as writer, speaker & corporate professional

“I have had the desire to write for a while,” he says, recounting what made him pen down his bestseller, KaalKoot – The Lost Himalayan Secret, that continues to fly off bookshelves across country. Continue Reading

Vadapalani residents ask better stormwater drains, roads for monsoon

With rains lashing city for the past few days, the Meteorological Department announced the onset of North-East monsoon this week across Tamilnadu. Residents in the neighbourhood are in hopes of a beneficial season. Resident Welfare Associations have taken steps to rope in rainwater harvesting systems in their homes while some activists continue to promote the cause of saving water. Continue Reading