Great Expectations

Never before has one man personified so much hope and trust; nor has any single individual been vested with such huge responsibility. Even those who swear by democracy, systems and team work concede the role that Modi’s leadership could play in governance as it did in the polls. His shoulders are indeed heavily laden. But unlike the ‘White Man’s Burden’ that the British condescendingly considered India as, Bharath to Modi will be the ‘Right Man’s Burden’, a burden he will bear with delight, diligence and in all devotion. Continue Reading

In search of God

I have shunned science since schooldays. Physics particularly was one subject I had listened to in fits in the midst of a slumber or from outside the classroom. And I have always held Newton and Einstein directly responsible for inducing such siestas and causing my expulsions. I still remain a certified moron when it comes to neutrons, protons and electrons. But despite such genetic aversion, The Hardon Collider and scientists claim this week that they are close to finding the ‘God Particle’ offer irresistible interest. Continue Reading