Not the time to fight

Though the dam row has been there for decades, this is certainly not the time to fight over it and the Chief Ministers of the two States should find an amicable solution, temporary one at least, at the earliest, without wasting time in letters and arguments. Continue Reading

Taste of caste

Despite Mahakavi Bharathi penning ‘Jaadhigal illayadi paapa’ a century ago, Mahatma Gandhi calling the oppressed as ‘Harijan’ and many other leaders and activists advocating for casteless society, discrimination based on birth exists even in this tech era. Continue Reading

Marina magnanimity

The Tamilnadu government could have avoided a major embarrassment had it been magnanimous enough to allot a space inside Anna Memorial to bury the mortal remains of DMK president M Karunanidhi, who passed away on Tuesday. Continue Reading