Chef Neelima says fight lifestyle diseases with right kind of food

I started experimenting and researching about food items that can satisfy all age groups. I started implementing innovative and healthy dishes and particularly, in all my dishes, I eliminated oil and sugar, says Chef Neelima. Continue Reading

A comprehensive guide to using natural gel aloe vera

Commonly hailed as a wonder plant and exalted for its soothing properties, aloe vera has been a part and parcel of our lives since time immemorial. Going beyond its use as a moisturiser, the gel of the plant possesses a wide range of use. Continue Reading

Four things women wear that men secretly love

Women appreciate when a guy takes the time to notice the effort they put into looking their best, just like how we guys appreciate when you girls compliment our style. So, here are four everyday attires that I think women wear that men secretly love. Continue Reading

Shruti Haasan declares open Fossil retail store in Chennai

Fossil Group, a leading global brand that specialises in lifestyle accessories, recently launched its retail store in Chennai at Phoenix Marketcity Mall 20 November. The store was inaugurated by actor and brand ambassador Shruti Haasan. Continue Reading

Believing in multi-tasking can improve performance: Study

If you think you are incapable of multi-tasking or feel it would fetch poor result, it is time that we stop bothering about the final product. A recent study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, proves that a mere assumption that a person is multi-tasking can boost the output of the work that he is indulged in. Continue Reading

It’s good to resurrect the dead, just make it right

The current year has been the year for resto-mod’s. I get the point, take your beloved vehicle (or buy one, if you don’t have it), replace old parts with modern derivatives and voila, a wolf under sheep’s clothing. Continue Reading