The EC way out

Even by semi-official estimates, the slush cash used to bribe the voters of RK Nagar is around Rs 89 crs. Press freedom, previous experience and priority access to ‘sources that do not want to be identified’ allow us to round that off to Rs 100 crs. Indeed, last Friday was quite auspicious for IT kitty, if not for democracy. Continue Reading

Masters of the game

Thirumangalam, in an ironic defiance of its pleasant sounding name, turned out to be most inauspicious for TN’s already fouled poll politics. The by-election, buy-election rather, held there in Jan ‘09 under the auspices, not of EC, but Alagiri, sparked a decisive plunge to the depths in voter bribery. R K Nagar today, in 2017, is the latest, lethal but not the last milestone in TN’s twisted, treacherous highway to a delusionary destination: Democracy. Continue Reading

Good riddance; great escape

The Supreme Court with just a stroke of the pen has incidentally called off a supreme calamity that was staring TN in the face. The conviction of CM wannabe and udan pirava sahodhari (UPS) of late, lamented J, along with J herself and two of the UPS clan, has saved the State, its people, the treasury, J’s party and possibly, her iconic Poes Garden residence too from near doom! Some dangerous debris is still littered on the landscape, but we hope the clean up will start soon. Continue Reading

‘Kaalai’ Vanakkam

This moment and movement belong to the young who are inhaling the fresh, free air of post-J TN for the first time. No one asked them to; they just did. Conspiracy theories of agent provocateurs are passe; the tsunami that is hitting Marina and beyond is so strong and spontaneous that it has even swept away all the usual suspects who habitually hit the streets at the drop of a, er, dung. Continue Reading