Edsix Brainlab launches puzzle-based cognitive learning apps

Chennai based startup, Edsix Brainlab has launched puzzle-based cognitive development through its cognitive learning programme for schools called SkillAngels. For children with learning difficulties, it has also launched a programme called BlessedAngel. Continue Reading

iAccept Softwares develops background tracing app for recruitment

So, if you have recruited people for your firm but are concerned about their background, you can now heave a sigh of relief. Bengaluru based Trusted Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd and iAccept Softwares Pvt Ltd offers an employee background tracing application called Pehechano. Continue Reading

New lensless camera to create revolution in photography

This camera will be a game changer as it will help the user experience a whole new option while capturing photographs or videos. It can also be used for security purposes like using windows at home. Thus, it will act as both a lens to capture whatever happens outside your home and a traditional window. Continue Reading

Scientists identify potential universal flu vaccine

Scientists have identified a potential universal influenza vaccine that could protect people against most strains of the virus. Continue Reading