Digital technology will create more jobs, says expert

Chennai: The world on the whole is moving towards technology, digitisation and automation. Education technology is also on the rise and it slowly is shaping the education space in India. News Today caught up with NIIT’s global retail business president Prakash Menon to know how the industry is and what are the skills that are needed to survive in the field of IT. He said technology is becoming critical to making quality education and training available to

Sometimes it is best not to follow the guide

Have you ever downloaded guide apps for a popular app, such as for Pokemon Go, from Google Playstore?  Then you’re the one of the two million victims who installed those fake companion guide apps which were pre-loaded with malware targeting real-time users. Apparently, around 40 fake companion guide apps are loaded with malware targeting smartphone users’ adware for fraudulent activities. According to Checkpoint researchers, Dubbed FalseGuide – a malware that

Public can test-drive Google self-driven cars now

Ever since Google said they are making driverless car into a reality, there has been huge expectation on how and when it will be on the roads. The search assistant company has just done that now. The company is now letting people use its driverless car service for any ride at any time. The company’s sister firm, Waymo, has created a free early rider programme in Phoenix, Arizona. Waymo has equipped

IIT researchers make cheap solar cells with naga pazham

New Delhi: Plucking and feasting on fresh, delectable jamuns (naga pazham) is a favourite childhood pastime during summer months, but scientists at IIT Roorkee have found a novel use for the juicy Indian fruit – making inexpensive solar cells. Researchers used naturally occurring pigment found in jamun as an inexpensive photosensitiser for dye sensitised solar cells (DSSCs) or Gratzel cells. “The dark colour of jamun and abundance of jamun trees

War begins with hackers armed with tools

A few weeks back, a hacking group, named ‘Shadow Brokers’, released thousands of NSA hacking tools to exploit vulnerable Windows computers in the underground dark web. The release targeted Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 and 8, and Windows 2012 belonging to NSA’s equation group – an elite cyber unit in NSA. The hackers also released decrypt key for exploits in an open letter to Trump, which has been

MasterCard goes biometric way for better security

Are you a security-conscious person? Then here is good news for you. A few days back, banking giant, MasterCard revealed new payment card featuring biometric security in South Africa and this is expected to be launched in other countries by the end of this year. The company will retain the pin facility and adds this as an extra attribute to security. At present, the company is testing the method with

Microsoft enhances paternal leave benefits

New Delhi: Microsoft India said it has enhanced all types of paternal leave benefits and introduced a new family caregiver leave which entails four weeks of paid leave to take care of an immediate family member. From 21 April, Microsoft India has enhanced all types of paternal leave benefi ts such as paternity, adoption and surrogacy. Besides, the company has introduced a new family caregiver leave benefit, which includes four

It's Raas, not Raes

Have you ever bought any illegal stuff or availed a service from an underground website? If not, here is an offer for you. Underground dark websites often haunts many security researchers, white hat hackers and online users more. One of these websites, lets a non-technical or a little technical person to deploy and earn profit. As everyone know, ransomware-a malware deployed by a hacker locks down the files in a

Reports show how new iPhone 8 would look

It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs held up the first original iPhone to the world. Years down, Apple is all set to introduce their new iPhone 8 and the same is said to have several features. Reports suggest that the Cupertino giant is preparing three iPhones to be launched this fall, including upgraded versions of the current two iPhone models and a handset with a new look. For

Soon, Facebook tech will let our brains type!

Los Angeles: Facebook is working on a new ‘silent speech’ technology that will allow people to type directly with their brains, drastically reducing the time it takes to convert our thoughts into written words. The silent speech system will be capable of typing 100 words per minute straight from the brain – five times faster than one can type on a smartphone today, Facebook said. At the annual two-day event F8, where

Kerala frog's slime may help develop anti-viral drug

Thiruvananthapuram: Skin mucus secreted by a colourful, tennis-ball-sized frog species found in Kerala can be used to develop an anti-viral drug that can treat various strains of flu, according to a new study. Frog mucus is loaded with molecules that kill bacteria and viruses and researchers are beginning to investigate it as a potential source for new anti-microbial drugs. One of these ‘host defence peptides,’ found in a colourful tennis-ball-sized frog species