Space technology has entered every household: Union Minister

Union Minister for State for Space, Jitendra Singh said on Thursday a technology in border management has been developed in India and it can virtually enter inside the houses across the border of Pakistan. Continue Reading

New mobile, instant technology to help diagnose viral infections

Scientists have developed a new miniature, portable gene sequencing technology that can diagnose infection from viruses such as Ebola or Zika almost instantly in the field. Diagnosis is both quick and early, which avoids the need to transfer contaminated samples, researchers said. Continue Reading

Wearable devices future of health care?

A recent report by researchers at IBM found that a person’s grip has the potential to reveal relevant data about his/her health. The researchers have introduced the prototype of a small fingernail sensor that uses artificial intelligence to monitor it. Continue Reading

NASA spacecraft breaks record for smallest object ever orbited

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft broke a record after successfully entering into orbit around the asteroid Bennu — the smallest cosmic object ever to be orbited by a spacecraft. While many on Earth prepared to welcome the New Year, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, 110 million kilometers away, carried out a single, eight-second burn of its thrusters, NASA said in a statement.

Continue Reading

Newborn insects trapped hatching in amber

Scientists have discovered fossilised newborn insects and egg shells preserved together in amber dating back to 130 million years, which provide the first direct evidence of how prehistoric critters hatched. Continue Reading

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre unveils Feast software

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in association with Panimalar Engineering College conducted the third edition of National Finite Element Developers (NAFED) event at the college premises in Chennai recently. At that time, VSSC unveiled Feast Software which is equivalent to HyperMesh or Mastron or any other finite element analysis tool. Continue Reading