US, China on ‘Tappy’ waters as Huawei charged for stealing trade secrets

The US has charged Chinese telecom giant Huawei with a series of crimes including stealing trade secrets, a move that can escalate hostilities between the world’s biggest economic powers and complicate efforts to negotiate an end to their bruising trade war. Continue Reading

Trump accepts deal to temporarily end longest govt shutdown in US history

Succumbing to political pressure, President Donald Trump has backed a deal to temporarily end the record-breaking government shutdown in America’s history despite getting no funding for his controversial plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. Continue Reading

Experts, images suggest a Saudi ballistic missile program

Experts and satellite images reveal military base in Saudi Arabia may be testing and manufacturing ballistic missiles, the kind which the country had long criticized its archrival Iran for possessing. Continue Reading

Malaysia suspends multi-billion dollar China-backed deals

Terming the cost of China-backed rail project as too high, the Malaysian government has dropped the project. the 81 billion ringgit ($19.6 billion) east coast rail link (ECRL) would have connected the eastern and western coasts of the peninsula. Continue Reading

Carlos Ghosn relinquishes Renault ties

Ghosn, the most powerful man in car-making until his sensational arrest last November in Japan on financial misconduct charges, had already been sacked as chairman of Japanese auto groups Nissan and Mitsubishi. Continue Reading