Former Jharkhand Congress chief joins AAP

Former Jharkhand Congress chief Ajoy Kumar joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today in the presence of Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. Continue Reading

The year after

The euphoria is such that many pollsters and political punters are already predicting that the Broom Party shall top the sweepstakes at the national hustings in May. Suddenly, Aravind Kejriwal has been pitchforked as a possible PM, on par and in some ‘scientific surveys’ of about a 1000 odd people in a few chosen pockets, even ahead of the ‘other’ wannabe, Namo! Continue Reading

When protest is the pain

It is always in the name of aam aadmi! He is the rallying point, be it for the Government, opposition or activists. But with so much of ears and tears directed at his plight, is he any better? Indeed, the real question is not that, but what hurts him more, the official policies or the ‘protests’ targetting them! Continue Reading