A modest marvel

Something else about Dr Abdul Kalam evokes more pathos than his death. He failed to impact our lives. Now wait before you reach for the nearest missile or a choice cuss word. I was about to add it was not his fault that he was a misfit in a polity and society that held little value for the things he stood for and spoke of. That he still maintained a cheerful demeanour and exuded positive vibes marked him out as a shining, sterling gem amidst mud. Continue Reading

A march to the past

I am shocked. In fact, I am outraged. Actually, ‘devastated’ would be apt. Summons to Manmohan? Mr Clean, corrupt? No way. If I was in New Delhi I would have hit the streets for the Cong road show, even if it entailed the unseemly idea of walking with Sonia Maino. I am sure Rahul too would have taken a stroll wherever he is holed up, in support of the former PM just as he lent ‘voice’ for Kalavathy. Continue Reading