Hyperactive activism

Who is an activist? Just about anybody today. That probably is the ultimate symbol of a ‘sound’ democracy, wherein every citizen raises his voice on every issue, pauses for air, and then resumes the charade for a fresh issue, the earlier one having faded under his/her own din over the latest fad. Sign of the times, now. Continue Reading

Lokpal Legacies

It is a small, tentative step up a slippery slope. Still it calls for some cautious elation. That the jinxed Lokpal which has been stranded in the streets, entangled in bureaucratic red tape, buried many a time in political quicksands and defied consensus even amidst its champions has ultimately crossed the legislative threshold is itself an achievement. Continue Reading

Why this kolaveri, Anna?

When bad times come, they come in waves. As Kingfisher rocks in air turbulence, the earth below Vijay Mallya is all set to cave in. That is, if Anna Hazare has his way and tipplers are flogged into abstinence, would that not automatically put VM’s core brewery business also on a crash course? Continue Reading